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“Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal, maintain health and detoxify. But never have I seen as big a revolution coming as the one SunlightenTM is herald- ing with its new mPulseTM Series. The mPulse Series takes sauna therapy into a whole new realm that no company before it conceived. You have to love where this is going. After all, Sunlighten bridges luxury and health, true health.

There is so much going on with this revolution!”

David Steinman, publisher and editor of Healthy Living magazine

Adding custom IR Sauna session will enhance and improve any massage treatment.
Your session will be private (for a single or a couple) and are at least 30min long. Let us know your health goal.

Program your session for:

Cardio Detoxification Pain Relief Relaxation Weight Loss Skin Loss

No other dry Sauna on the market matches the health benefits, technology and style of Sunlighten infrared line. If you are considering sauna purchase for your home or business, make sure you check mPulse full spectrum infrared Sauna.

Royal Thai Spa is your regional point of referral for Sunlighten infrared Sauna product line and we'll be glad to provide a demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

More from David Steinman, publisher and editor of Healthy Living magazine:

Point #1: The mPulse Series features the first customizable full-spectrum infrared heater, which makes use of different infrared wavelengths (based on third-party research studies) to produce more precise therapeutic effects. Consumers control the settings, from near-infrared light (for pain relief and skin purification), to mid-infrared (which assists in weight loss and improved circulation), to far-infrared (which reduces blood pressure and is whole-body detoxifying).

Point #2: Important health information is monitored using the mPulse’s Intelli-Watch, which tracks heart rate, calories burned, and other impor- tant information. The results are displayed through the mPulse’s LCD control panel. Not only does the mPulse come standard with an LCD touch-screen control panel, it also includes Blaupunkt speakers, a CD/DVD player, built-in antibacterial woven bamboo heater backrests, and ergonomic floating benches.

Point #3: With a Bauhaus-inspired modern design, the mPulse Series is built from Forest Stew- ardship Council-certified wood, which comes from sustainable forests, and is available in teak, bass- wood and cedar. It is easily assembled through an invisible patented MagneSeal locking system that prolongs cabin life. It can be used indoors or out- doors, and plugs into a household outlet, using less than $10 a month in electricity!

Robyn is passionate about educating people on a whole foods lifestyle, which is how she healed herself from chronic illness. Watch her speak on one of her favorite wellness tools bellow.

Full Spectrum Infrared Dry Sauna

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