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Hydrogen Water Machine


Offering more features, better performance
and more benefits than any other alkaline water machine on the market

The Ion Thrive​ Alkaline Water Ionizers offer cutting edge technology
combined with the highest levels of service and support, at the most affordable price.​
  • New technology with 7 plates of titanium slotted electrolysis plate.
  • A voice prompt system with 5 volume levels and mute option
  • 7-color LCD display indicating pH or ORP level estimates, filter life and more.
  • 13-stage dual filtration system eliminates toxic chemicals, bacteria and viruses.​
  • 9 preset pH levels: 4 Alkaline, 4 acid and 1 purified water level.
  • Automatic cleaning function.
  • Complete auto-diagnosis system continually monitors the Ionizer's six internal operating systems to ensure a smooth, fault-free operation.

Hydrogen alkaline water self-serve fill up now available*:

Up to 32 Oz - $3.50
Up to 1 Gall - $8.50

Monthly pre-paid:
1 Gallon per day - $198

*Requires airtight-sealed bottles
Stop by today and experience better hydration with Hydrogen water!

Water - the most important nutrient.  Isn't it time to take control of what's in it?

Ion Thrive Alkaline Machine  $2,450.-

Easily connected directly to tap water it creates alkaline reduced water by first purifying the water with three special hybrid filters, then ionizing the water using 7 platinized titanium plates

Wide LCD Screen

Semi-Permanent Ceramic Valve for Water Pressure Adjustment

Awarded the Good Design Certificate

Depending on the amount and the speed of a running of raw water into the product
pH Auto-Control System

Voice Alert for Each Functional Buttons, ON/OFF Power Management on Large LED Display
Generate and Supply Five Types of Customized Water: Four Alkaline Level, One Purified Water

Only Wood Activated Carbon

Using Platinized Titanium Electrode
Patents on diaphragm Membrane Structure including Electrode Plate for the Electrolytic Cell of Water Ionizer

Power-Control System by SMPS Method

15 Yrs of Lifetime Electrolysis Cell

Easy Repair

Automatic Detecting on Filter Usage and Measuring the Lifespan at the same time
With Three FIlters

Easily Detach or Attach the filter cover when change the filter
Convenient and Simple Sliding Cover for Filter Replacement

Ion Thrive Hydrogen Machine  $2,950.-

Easily connected directly to tap water it creates hydrogen alkaline water by first purifying the water with three special hybrid filters, then ionizing the water using 7 platinized titanium plates.

High level of Hydrogen (H2)

Healthier water with no water storage tank to clean

Odorless (no ozone smell) and great taste

Improved Ion separation membrane system

Newly designed ceramic valve

Advanced 3-filter system with a 13+ step filtration process

Filter chips are programed to guarantee water quality

Purified water option available

Disinfecting properties

Auto-cleaning function
Find out more at Ionthrive.com

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